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    A small team to prepare aspiring players for the future ahead

    Head Coach

    Max Frost AKA PRismec

    Max is building an environment for young aspiring players and keen gamers alike to strengthen their skills in a structured environment whilst simultaneously developing core life skills to better equip them for adulthood. Max is the main point of contact for parents and a mentor for students, he oversees other coaches and works closely with professional teams and educators. In his spare time, Max teaches our Fortnite students, plays Apex Legends and rides his bike in pouring rain.

    Rocket League Coach

    Leo Duarte AKA Bananaman

    Leo is a professional Rocket League player with more than 7 years of playing at the highest ranks, he is a top 100 player in the world with tonnes of competitive experience. Leo is also an experienced and avid coach who in the past coached for PSG eSports Academy as well as coaching a professional Rocket League team in South America.

    Right now, Leo is a programming student, whose passion lies within Rocket League and inspiring future generations of gamers to learn and develop critical life skills through the game he is most passionate about.

    Fortnite and Rocket League Coach

    Atnand Memishaj AKA Panda

    Atnand is a keen gamer, with impressive stats in Valorant, Fortnite, Rocket League and even CS:GO and he’s only 17 years old! He’s a natural at games he plays but also extremely good at teaching

    He is a future commercial pilot who believes gaming is what makes him so well equipped to fly a 500 tonne Boeing 747 (we’ll have to verify that)

    In his spare time Atnand plays games (surprise) and goes out Aircraft Spotting (we don’t get it either)


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    Here’s what parents say about our academy, their experiences, and why they thought MLA will be crucial to their child’s development both as gamers but also as future adults

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    Robert Fox

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    Jane Cooper

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    Leslie Alexander