About the activity

About the activity

academy structure

Our engaging platform merges the joy of esports and gaming with learning essential life skills. Through live, collaborative sessions, tournaments, rank promotions, and online support, students learn, improve and gain confidence, all while having the time of their life 

Structured classes

While each class is different, typically each session includes physical exercises, individual drills (to practice certain skills), teamplay (to focus on teamwork and communication) and finally pre- and post-class analysis, where students discuss their objectives and talk theory and strategy

Physical warmup

Gaming is not usually associated with physical activity. However, a short warmup is essential to get the blood flowing which helps with focus, attention and energy levels throughout the class. Doing a physical warmup is also critical in teaching kids to approach gaming with the same mindset as other sports, hence fostering a positive mental attitude towards it. 


During each class, students will form teams with their peers and play competitive matches, keeping in mind the objectives of the class as well as their own, personal goals. Moreover, every 8 weeks, Metalions Academy runs an Academy-wide tournament where students can put their Esports jerseys and compete alongside their friends against other students and perhaps even lift a trophy!

Outside of class

Becoming good or even expert at something is about putting consistent effort inside and outside the classroom, which is why training doesn’t end with the bell. After class, students take home assignments like the latest patch notes (to learn about the current optimal strategies), quizzes, complete creative work or watch tutorials. Each student will have an academy binder, to help them keep track of their assignments, progress and notes.


Ranks in games are akin to belts in Karate, they are crucial for the students motivation but also are instrumental at teaching kids the value and payoff of hard work. At MLA we adopt a unique approach to promoting players. Through competitions and regular examinations, our coaches will rank students based on their skill in game (30% of the mark), out of game skills (communication, teamwork etc. also 30% of the mark), effort and progression (20% of the mark) and finally their individual goals, whatever they may be (final 10% of the mark)

Online support

Our coaches are extremely passionate about the game they teach but also, they are there to help parents and kids to get the most out of their gaming passion. Each student and their parents will receive access to a Discord channel where they will be able to speak with the coach outside of class time, ask for guidance on things kids learnt but also things they want to learn. Parents can ask questions that may worry them, like how to help their kids stay safe online or how to better manage screen time.


Here’s what parents say about our academy, their experiences, and why they thought MLA will be crucial to their child’s development both as gamers but also as future adults

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Rank up on your way to building your future

At Metalions Esports Academy, students are grouped into cohorts, earning a Rank within their first month that reflects their skill level. As they sharpen existing skills and acquire new ones, monthly assessments pave the way for Rank Promotions. Each advancement brings a certificate and a keepsake trophy to commemorate their success. However, our promotion system goes beyond in-game progress. We place equal emphasis on personal growth, requiring students to exhibit dedication, improved decision-making, creativity, leadership, and teamwork.

Assessment Disciplines

  • Gunplay
  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Movement
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Building/Editing
  • Out of Game effort
bronse cup

you are at the beginning of your journey, still learning the core mechanics and getting familiar with the game, it’s critical components and objectives

bronse cup

you have now developed good understand of the game mechanics and what it takes to win, you are now learning to play in a team and continue refining your skills

bronse cup

you are starting to feel like other players look up to you as you show off your skills; there are still a lot of things to learn but you are now starting to understand the in-game strategies and how to play as a team

bronse cup

you thrive in your role within the team as you have started to grasp complex game mechanics and strategies. You have a very good understanding of the game meta and a keen desire to learn and improve

bronse cup

players in this rank have almost perfected all critical mechanics of the game, they are now fully focused on improving their abilities as a strategic mastermind, leading the team to victory and acting as a mentor for their teammates

bronse cup

players in this rank can now play and even challenge some of the best players in the world. Their grasp of the most complicated aspects of the game is very high, their communication is impeccable and they regularly come up with unique strategies and ways of playing that give then an edge in any matchup

bronse cup

this rank is reserved for students which have been flagged by our Lionscreed or other professional team as potential candidates for joining the team. They will get an opportunity to train with a professional team and have an opportunity to compete at the highest level


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More about esports

Interviews, tips, guides, industry best practices, and news.


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